I Love a song by gershwin

Vocals: Tzeitel Abrego
Piano: Leo Lightstone

My homage to George Gershwin.  I wanted the music to have a 1930's jazz broadway feel.  I wrote the lyrics using a mixture of my own words and the titles of Gershwin songs.

Well Tempered Dance



Piano: Kara Huber

In this short piece the major triads of each key are played over a fixed pitch sequence.  An ostinato rhythm occurs throughout and a linearly progressive time phase offset is used with each entry of the dance motive.

Variations on Avrix Mi Galanica (Excerpts)


Viola d'Amore: Jennifer Thiessen

New music for an old instrument.  I took this idea a little further by writing a set of modern variations on a Sephardi song from the renaissance period.  The music employs a digital recording of acoustic and synthesized sounds to incorporate the renaissance musical techniques of clapping and drones.

In this piece the main musical line, and often the supporting lines, move only by an interval of a second.

Music in Seconds


Music for Violin and Piano (Excerpts)



Another interval piece.  The focus is on the interval of a third and its inversion, a sixth.  The music explores how the character of these intervals changes depending on harmonic context.